Monday, March 4, 2013

The Walking Dead (TV) Merle Dixon (Series 3 - McFarlane)

Hey guys! A written/pictorial review has been LOOONG over due for sometime now! Seems like forever since I sat down and wrote out my thoughts on some action figures.

So, how about we take a close look at at the one of the human characters of the series three set from McFarlane Toys, Merle Dixon.

Let me first start off my saying, I hated series two. I truly did. I thought the quality in likenesses (on the living side) was horrible. The zombies themselves were fine, not a complaint to quip honestly, but Shane and Rick were just awful.

Series three on the other hand... WOW! NOW THESE ARE WHAT I'M TALKIN' ABOUT!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

NYCC Ex. Skybound *GREY* Michonne & Zombies

Finally here! The Walking Dead SKYBOUND NYCC 2012 Exclusive GREY set of Michonne and her zombies! If you watched the video below, or the post below it, you've seen the purple set still MOC (mint on card)... as far as I know, these are the first loose photos of any of the three exclusive sets and I'm more than happy to supply them.

These ARE mini figures, standing at about two inches tall, also know and be fully aware if you buy a set that there is NO articulation on any of the three. These are essentially really small statues (that's not a bad thing!!!).

Monday, October 22, 2012

*VIDEO* NYCC Michonne & Zombies Skybound Exclusive *PURPLE*

Don't forget, in the post below this one are photos! Watch in HD!

NYCC Ex. Skybound *PURPLE* Michonne & Zombies

New York Comic Con recently wrapped up, and out of all of the awesome exclusives, none had me more excited than when Skybound announced a set of three mini-figures of Michonne and her two zombies from The Walking Dead comic book. The only hitch? These would be SUPER limited.

The break down of this set, and the other two go as follows:

Purple colorway: 250
Glow in the dark colorway: 250
Grey colorway: 1,000

When Skybound listed these sets on their webstore, they had 100 of the grey (which I grabbed two of), 20 of the glow in the dark (grabbed one), and 20 purple (I missed this one). So the set you're looking at today, I unfortunately had to resort to using eBay to acquire. While this, and the video in the post above are not full reviews (because I am keeping them on card), rest assured I will have a review featuring loose photos of one of the grey sets I purchased. Enjoy the photos below!